Booker T. Washington - Pawhuska
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Sports Survey to Help with New Book

If you played sports at Pawhuska High School we want to hear
from you.

"We are attempting to chronicle and document the significant
accomplishments of this small Oklahoma community's
lineage in sports, said Dr. Ron Brown, president of Fifth
Quarter Enterprises and alum of both schools.

Booker T. Washington Separate School fed PHS Athletics from
1960 through the mid 70s. The number of championships,
collegiate and professional athletes with BTW ties is

This survey is intended to get as much information as
possible from former BTW and Pawhuska athletes to put a
comprehensive document together.

The survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and
most of the questions are in the form of selections you pick.
There are a few boxes that ask for specific accomplishments
or accolades that will help to profile our catalog of info on our
athletes. To insure that everyone has an opportunity to be
recognized. We also want to know about former athletes who
are no longer with us.

Click on the button below to take the survey

Click on this link to submit digital records (pictures - team,
action shots, newspaper articles, etc. You can also use this
link to submit your own memories of significant experiences
from you time playing ball for BTW and PHS.
Book in the works on Booker T. Washington-Pawhuska

Booker T. Washington Separate School (BTW) and its legacy from its
existence, prior to, during and throughout the Civil Rights movement
and desegregation is focus of a new book being authored by a
collaborative. The group from Pawhuska, Oklahoma has archived
information on the school after it was closed. Dr. Gaylan L. Brown, a
BTW alum commented, “We that hope through our combined efforts
this publication will chronicle the school’s rich history and culture.”

It was during the decades from the 1920s until the mid 1970s, BTW
served the black community that represented a microcosm of many
such communities across the state and the nation. It was racially
isolated by the practice of Jim Crow, which limited upward mobility
socially, economically, and politically for the African-American
community in Pawhuska. This compelled African-Americans of
various backgrounds, education, economic status, and religious
practices to create their own subculture.

Everyone who attended the school can speak to experiences growing
up in Pawhuska that could stand alone as short stories or movie
scripts. “It is absolutely amazing to look back and see the significant
role this small school played in the lives of its alums over time,” says
Rita Ajao (Stokes) who is also an alumnus and contributor to the
book. She added, “With a population averaging less than 300 black
residents over the period under study, the number of success stories
that follow the lineage of families who settled in Indian Territory after
the Oklahoma Land Rush is rare.”

The collaborative is seeking additional information prior to finalizing
the book through a couple of sources. Below is a link to a survey that
everyone can complete that will collect individual and family
demographics. The second link is to an email that can be used to
upload materials such as photos, newspaper articles or anything that
our community members are willing to share.
"Dear ole Booker We Love...!"
Click here to send email and upload digital files
Click here to send email and to upload digital files